The late 19th and early 20th century brought an era of amazing book illustration. It was made possible by the development of reasonable color printing, and fed by a public that couldn't get enough. After all, other entertainment choices were few.

(On your right, one of my favorites from Edmund Dulac, in Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales.)

Dulac, Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales

Edmund Dulac, The East Wind

Rackham, Some British Ballads

Arthur Rackham, May Colven

As for me, I only learned about this era a few years ago, but have still managed to buy two bookshelves full of old book. It's an addiction, but I love the art.

(On your left, one of the early images that I fell in love with. How did Rackham get that sweep in her skirt? The story is one of betrayal and death, but you wouldn't know it from the image, which is from Some British Ballads.)

So this site is a tribute to the artists of that era.

(Such as Kay Nielsen, who could do art deco style work, but still, as in the image to your right, make it energetic and masculine. That's from East of the Sun, West of the Moon.)

Nielsen, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Kay Nielsen,
The North Wind

So look around, click the names in the column on the left, check out the links.

(The three artists whose work is shown on this page were considered the best from the Golden Age of Illustration.)



So stay tuned. I'll be adding more images from those two bookshelves full of books.

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