Warwick Goble

Warwick Goble was born in 1862 and, while not as famous as Arthur Rackham or Edmund Dulac, nevertheless contibuted his own mastery of watercolor to the Golden Age of Illustration. In fact, he contributed to magazines and was displayed in exhibits for years before he began to illustrate books. But his delicate style and interest in things Asian (an interest shared by Dulac, as well as many publishers) made him a natural for Asian books, such as Green Willow, from which I've scanned some illustrations on this page, as well as numerous other Middle Eastern and Asian works. This is not to say he didn't illustrate other kinds of books, but his style seemed to resonate with the Asian-inspired work, which is what he is most remembered for. He died in 1943

From Green Willow

Moon Maiden

Read the story


Star Lovers

Read the story
(the opening is haunting)


Nedzumi's Daughter

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The Story of Susa the Dragon

From Water Babies



Fairies Flew In


Queen of Them All


Bird of Paradise


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